'Spirit' Tagged Posts

'Spirit' Tagged Posts

Can I get a Seal on that Promise?

If we can lose these things then they come attached with fear, anxiety, and pressure. Yet, God does not attach fear, anxiety, and pressure to these gifts. Instead He attaches assurance and promise. This is why when God reveals our promises in Christ, he also reveals how these promises are kept.

Are you filled with both?

I apologized and he, fully questioning my intelligence and ability to make it in life, explained with frustration, “Jake you can have oil but if you don’t have gasoline – your vehicle will not run. You can have gasoline but if you don’t have oil – your vehicle will not run. Son, it is very important that you understand the importance of those two elements because trying…

While My Children Were Sleeping

After recently being away for 5 days for a conference and study trip, I longed to get home to my family. I badly missed my wife, Alana and my 4 year old, my 2 year old, and my 15 month old. It was great to get home in time for dinner with them and to put my children down to bed and pray with them. And yet later that night, while they were fast asleep I tip-toed into their…