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'love' Tagged Posts

Jesus never commanded us to breathe

Most can love their family and friends. Most can even be sacrificial for those that have been sacrificial for them – in fact even the tax collectors (the most corrupt people) do that. In this context, Jesus is commanding us to love people that do not love us and to be sacrificial for those who are our enemies.

It Must Be Both Old and New

As a child, there was a particular gun of my Dads that I always admired. It was a 20-gauge shotgun and the reason that it stood out was because it was a pump action shotgun with a beautiful carved, walnut stock. A few years ago my Dad gave it to me as a gift and though I had not seen it in years, I immediately knew it was the old gun that I had always loved. All of a…

Where do we go from here? (Post Boston Bombing)

What should be the response of the Christian following this act of terror that happened in Boston? There have been a lot of responses to this bombing. Some people are angry. Some people are afraid. Some people are sad, disturbed and unsettled. Some are ready to go to war. Something like this stirs…

Why Should the Church Love the Poor?

The short answer for why the Church should love the poor is that the Bible is full of both God declaring His love for the poor and the call for the Church to follow that model. But why are those verses there and how should we, with wisdom, love the poor in our context today? First of all, those passages give us a great picture of God’s love for every single Christian,…