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'Gospel' Tagged Posts

Jesus never commanded us to breathe

Most can love their family and friends. Most can even be sacrificial for those that have been sacrificial for them – in fact even the tax collectors (the most corrupt people) do that. In this context, Jesus is commanding us to love people that do not love us and to be sacrificial for those who are our enemies.

The Second Adam

Did you know that Adam was a type of Christ? With that question, I am not suggesting that Adam was a form of God, but I am proposing that he was a representative. Romans 5:14, tells us that Adam “was a type of the One to come”.  The reason for that is because Adam was mankind’s universal federal head, otherwise known as our representative. Just as a senator is a…

Superstitious Solutions

When I played high school baseball, I would always wear my baseball pants in such a way that the bottom of my pants leg would stop just below my knee and my orange socks would show from my knee down. At one particular away game, I realized that I forgot my socks and all I had was a pair of ankle high socks. And so I came to the conclusion that it was in the best interest…