'1 John' Tagged Posts

'1 John' Tagged Posts

It Is Certainly the Last Hour

Our fellowship with Christ now will allow us to know for certain that it is Him when He comes and it will give us the freedom to celebrate and embrace Him rather than shrink and hide as Adam did in the Garden of Eden. Jesus has risen from the grave. Easter tells us that we can know Him, trust Him, and expect His imminent return.

It Must Be Both Old and New

As a child, there was a particular gun of my Dads that I always admired. It was a 20-gauge shotgun and the reason that it stood out was because it was a pump action shotgun with a beautiful carved, walnut stock. A few years ago my Dad gave it to me as a gift and though I had not seen it in years, I immediately knew it was the old gun that I had always loved. All of a…

Do you know that you know?

Consider this important question: How do you know that you know Jesus Christ? This is what the Apostle John wants us to be able to answer. John knows that there is a knowledge that is more important than the existence of God and there is even a knowledge that is more important than the existence of Jesus the person. He says that we can and we should know that we know this…

The Revelation of Light

Therefore, John’s point is that revelation of sin does not keep us from God nor does it ruin our relationship with God. In fact, revelation of sin is a key component in bringing us to God and it even strengthens our union with Him because it is at that point that we find the need for the blood of Jesus His Son that cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:7).
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