Prayer Week

Prayer Week

Prayer Week 2017

Why begin the year in prayer?

There are many answers to this, so here is just a small sampling:

  • To help us love, adore and be in awe of God more
  • To help us deal with patterns of sin in our own lives and in our families
  • To seek direction on what God wants us to do in our church, in our community and in our world
  • To ask for revival – a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit on His Church – and the advance of His Kingdom across the globe.

So much more could be listed. These are all things that we need God to do for us and in us. As God’s people, we want our vision and values to be shaped by God himself, and that happens as we pray.

Click here to download the Devotional Guide for the week.
Prayer Guide 2017


Sunday, January 1
Morning worship: “Praying People” (Matthew 6:5-13).
Noon fast and private prayer for the week ahead.

Monday, January 2, – Friday, January 6
6 AM fast and prayer in Conference Room
12 PM fast and prayer in Conference Room

Wednesday, January 4
Family and small group prayers in the evening
Gather with others, your growth group or as your own family and spend focused time in prayer.

Sunday, January 8
Morning worship: “Talking to God” Philippians 4:6-7
Noon fast and private prayer
Evening worship in the Fellowship Hall: “What has God Done?” A time of singing and testimony.

*About fasting

Fasting is not a practice we are very familiar with, but Jesus considered it a fairly normal part of Christian living (Matthew 6:16-18). Fasts in the Bible are carried out for a few reasons (mourning, grief over sin, preparation, etc.), but the overarching purpose is to draw near to God and to heighten our affections for God. Fasting is not a manipulative exercise or a lucky charm. It has more to do with seeking God’s face, then seeking His hand – knowing Him, more than getting something from Him.

Should you choose to fast, there are different approaches that you can take:

  • Going without a meal
  • Going without food from sun up to sun down
  • Going for an extended period of time without food, but using water and juices.
  • For health reasons, some may choose to fast from something else for a time – TV, computer, music, video games, social media, etc.

The main point is that we turn down the volume on the “gifts” so that we can better listen to and appreciate the Giver.

An Invitation

So, please join me in spending the first week of 2017 seeking the face of God in prayer. Just imagine what stories of God’s glory, goodness and grace we will have to tell this time next year!

“Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD.” (Hosea 6:3)