Posts by Jake McCall

Posts by Jake McCall

Assurance of the Ancient Faith

We have found a lot of value in this desk because of its age and because of the way it connects me with my Grandfather. That experience reveals that regardless of what comes with it, modernity cannot replace that which has survived time and that which connects us with history.

Prayer Makes Things Happen

Prior to giving us the Lord’s prayer Jesus tells us, in Matthew 6, how not to pray. He points out that there aremany that make a public spectacle out of prayer and know nothing of what it means to engage with God. He also addresses the sad pattern of pagan prayer, which was and is the practice of lofting up many words and empty phrases to the gods, in hopes that one may…

Prayer in the Right Language

In my hometown of Monroeville, Al there was a great little restaurant called Old Mexico. It was the only Mexican restaurant in town and when I was in high school, my friends and I loved going there. One of my friends, who was taking Spanish at the time, wanted to try out their Spanish on the waiter. This attempt to order an entrée in the Spanish language resulted in our…

Come and Buy, But Leave Your Money

There is an experience that just about everyone has shared at one time or another and that is to desire something that we cannot afford. When something we want is unaffordable we have some options. Our first option would be to go into debt in order to try and get what we want. Our second option would be to try and steal it. Our third and sensible option would be to quench…